We offer the following services to the community:

  • Job Placement. Identify individual person center plan. Once plan is identified; qualified individuals will be matched according to their abilities.
  • Internships. Match trained youth to participating employers in the community to support the needs of the business while providing youth with real experience in the workforce.
  • Supported Employment. Identify and assist with integrated employment, or employment in an integrated work setting in which an individual with a most significant disability, including a youth with a most significant disabilities is working on a short-term basis toward competitive integrated employment.
  • Discovery Assessment. Conduct an intensive person-centered assessment to be held in an individuals natural environment by the individuals support team to discover the individuals interest, talents, skills, knowledge, learning styles, and personality, which all serve as a guide for customizing employment.
  • Customized Employment. Identify competitive integrated employment that is based on an individualized determination of the strengths, needs and interest of the individual with significant disability and the business needs of the employer.
  • Job Coaching. Advocate and support individuals in the work place as needed.
  • Job Readiness Training. Assist individuals to successfully develop the capacities for achieving and maintaining employment while obtaining real work experience. 
  • Tutoring and Academic Support. Assist individuals with developing studying skills and improve instructional requirements for academic or vocational goals.